Transformational Experiences

Curating the world's most enchanted, Life Transforming experiences that bends your reality beyond what is possible!

The World's most enchanted Life Transforming Experiences

At Global Transformations, our mission is to provide the world's most enchanted, life transforming experiences that reawaken us to the simple delicious gift of being truly alive and empowering people to live a life beyond extraordinary.


We help reconnect you with your ultimate self, embrace your natural genius zone and live a life of what truly matters to you.


We create leaders committed to positively impacting humanity with the projects and people they love.

Ultimate Transformational Experiences

The next evolution of Personal Development has arrived... We've created the ultimate life transformation company that let's you immerse in the world's most enchanted and profoundly life transforming experiences to bring about radical awakening and reconnection to your true self.

We have created together a fusion of personal development, travel, wellness, adventure activities, learning, and fun all centred around bringing together a tribe of like-hearted purpose driven life enthusiasts who are on a journey of ultimate self discovery and expansion into the ultimate self.

We don't do retreats, we do experiences.  We've been to events before where you are stuck in a seminar room for days and we wanted to do it better than the best. So we found the perfect way to blend the best of the best life transforming experiences with practical, heart centred learning, combined with the most fun activities to give you the deepest, most profound, holistic, transformational breakthrough experiences that exists on the planet.

You will travel with us to the world's most magical locations, and immerse in vortex of infinite possibility where we push past the limits of conventional personal development and curate an complete and integrated experiential learning experience that allows you to bend your current reality beyond what you ever thought was possible.

You will immerse yourself in world's most enchanted and profoundly life altering experiences that are all about reconnecting with your true self in a deeper and more aligned way than ever before, rediscovering your unique truth and re-awakening to how you are truly meant to live.

Our experiences are curated by a team of expert transformational alchemists who will show you the most powerful and rapid ways to holistically transform your mind, body and spirit and discover your most authentic expression of you.

You will embrace the ultimate journey of inner transformation as you access a new world of infinite possibility, the deepest level of connectedness, a new platform of self belief, and incredible clarity on your true mission.

Welcome to a new world of possibility!














It is an amazing world out there. Find out about the experiences that will change life as you know it...

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Anyone who is the best in their game has usually had a coach of some description behind them. Likewise you will also be able to reach new heights with a life coach. Find out all about the guys who have the power to phenomenally change your life...  

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Our Team of Transformation Experts

Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson

CEO (Chief Extraordinary Officer)
Chris Jackson empowers purpose driven people with proven world class strategies to unlock the mindset and peak performance in their professional & personal lives, to live with passion and purpose and to life their best life ever! Chris has been on a continual journey of transformation and his biggest passion in life is inspiring and empowering transformation in others. His style of transformational work blends the world's leading peak performance technologies with a diverse range of experiential spiritual practices. He is professionally trained in the fields of coaching and human behaviour and he combines the deepest, purest levels of human connectedness in a pragmatic way to empower his clients to experience faster, deeper, and incredibly profound transformation to unlock ultimate success and fulfilment.
Brock Bowen

Brock Bowen

Lifetarian (Director of Transformation)
Brock Bowen is the Wizard Entrepreneur. He is a man who cares deeply about people, loves and admires those closest to him and is humbled and grateful for the opportunity to connect, empower and create magic and miracles for conscious entrepreneurs who are struggling with time, energy and money. He is on a mission to help people design and live the lifestyle of their dreams so they can give their best to the people they love and make a positive contribution to the world. He has a Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resources & Industrial Relations from the University of Western Sydney. He loves mountain biking, nature walks, swimming, meditation, snuggles, travel, resorts and dancing around the house with his partner, Christie.



WOW.... what can I say. ... Transformational is the word. I have been on a number of retreats in the past but the growth I have experienced with Brock Bowen and Chris Jackson at the helm have been amazing. Leading up to this retreat I lacked direction in every area of my life... I disliked my job, my relationship with my husband was teetering on the brink of break up, I let limiting beliefs hold me back from stepping up and doing what I want with my life. During the retreat I learnt so much about myself, my capabilities and my passion in life. I stepped out of my shell and into a new level of confidence. I was just brimming with joy happiness and so excited about my future. I have connected with a terrific group of people who I now count as good friends and we regularly catch up. I have been home 3 weeks... I have a new job, my husband and I are committed to our relationship, I still have that level of confidence I had at retreat and have brought it into every part of my life. I am attending yoga and gym classes and putting my needs as a priority. If you want to change your life I thoroughly recommend attending one of the retreats run by Global Transformations.

Nina Hurt

Portland, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

The Ultimate Life Upgrade Retreat! I've been trying to find the words to describe this experience and realised from this point there are no words. A transformational experience like this is so much more than words could ever say. But this FEELING I know will stay with me. Its the feeling of being in absolute trust in myself and the magic of the universe. Of being tapped in to the synchronicity of life. The absolute BLISS and deeper knowing that dropped in to the core of my being. I recognise myself more clearly as an Infinite being, my capabilities and self worth as a leader too. I Am so grateful for the way Chris Jackson and Brock Bowen held space for me to grow, the way they pushed me to my limits and stretched me. For I know that without being pushed out of my comfort zone, those BIG breakthroughs are harder to have. That's what a TRUE coach does, and for that Thankyou so much. The hardest part about leaving a retreat like this for me in the past has been integrating the bliss vibes, self confidence and experience being back to 'reality'. Brock and Chris not only during the retreat but post retreat have been so accessible and supportive in taking what we have learned about ourselves and being able to imprint this new vibration over our old 'reality'. TRUE TRANSFORMATIONAL GUIDES. Just a HUGE thank you for all the work, time, heart and soul that went into organising this and for the space you both held so well. It was truly the most amazing experience of my life so far. I cherish the friendships and connections I have made most of all. Thank you to all the beautiful Souls who came together to make this so special. I Love you All.


Energy Alchemist, I Am Limitless

Where do I begin in the transformation Brock Bowen has helped me achieve since losing my Beautiful Man Ken on the 20th Jan 2016? This is a short story if you would like to contact me I'm happy to tell you more. I completed the M55 program where I transformed my health and love for myself. Brock introduced to the most incredible people and shared a interview that changed my daughter's life. Fast Forward a year and I have had the great pleasure of meeting Brock and his beautiful lady Christie. Brock Four years ago I began my Personal Growth with 'The Secret' it showed me how to restore my love with my siblings, so I know gratefulness changes lives. I have paid a few thousand dollars in Personal Growth Programs and it was not till I found Brock Bowen as the universe brought me to his page via a FB add, that I truly have felt connected with a teacher, guru, lifetarian beautiful soul who I believe is committed to bringing people together who want to make a positive change in not only their personal life but the lives of family friends and the world. Love Peace and Self Acceptamce to You Beautiful Souls
Michele Speck

Michele Speck

Chris has given me amazing techniques on life fulfilment which include goal setting and achieving, being comfortable with the person I am and how to achieve my best. During tough times, Chris has been an extremely valued motivator throughout day to day battles, he is always willing to listen and provide advice when requested. Thank you, Chris.

Dave Finney

Perth, Western Australia

I would give Chris six stars if it was an option. I found that it's his BIG LOVE for life and his unrelenting desire to help people grow that pulled me to him. No matter what area in your life you'd like help with Chris will help you to clear the path and set yourself free to soar. It's time to dive in! Enjoy the journey. There's no better time. In True Love ~ Olivia
Olivia Rich

Olivia Rich

Project Manager at Spohn Ranch Skateparks

This was my very first retreat and first time to Bali...Am so glad I chose "Global Transformations". Not only did I get to see Beautiful Bali, I was able to transform my limiting beliefs and take home some tools to enable me to continue my journey of growth at home. I had the pleasure of meeting an incredible group of "amazing" people, Chris and Brock the facilitators are just wonderful "real" people who ooze Love, Gratitude and success. If you want an experience you will never forget, book a retreat with Global Transformations, you will thank yourself for it!

Lara Tenikoff

Massage Therapist, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA


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