"Everyone loves everyone...

it’s like heaven on earth...

an adult version of Disney land"

Sometimes people can forget that life is meant to be the most incredible adventure filled with fun, excitement, passion and about striving living our best life ever and enjoy ourselves. For some people the let their jobs, businesses, relationships or life in general get in t he way of us experiencing the greatest fulfilment and happiness and instead we can get stuck in the rat race and get suffocated in the mundane repetition of life. If you don’t know how to find yourself or you find the light inside of you starting to fade. Then you most likely know you deserve more, and want more fun, adventure and passion in your life.

At this event, everyone loves everyone - it’s like heaven on earth - it’s the adults version of Disney land - and its going to be the greatest life upgrade experience on the planet and it is not something you want to miss.

You get one chance at life, and this is going to be hands down the best experience of your life! If you are a life enthusiast, that loves to travel, loves adventure, loves connecting with amazing people that want so much more out of life and you would like to fall back in love with yourself and life again, and would like find out more about how to apply to be selected for this experience. Send me a message and I look forward to talking to your personally soon!

You know you need to make some changes in your life and to take that next big next step but don't know which direction to take. Look back at your life and notice how quick the last 5 years have gone...  and then consider how the next 5 years are going to be gone in a blink of an eye. If we don’t take responsibility for getting the most out of our life and deciding to change a few things - then life won't change itself.

I invite you to let me show you how to embrace the most incredible life transformation and adventure experience in the world and justifiably the number 1 bucket list item in life! - the Burning Man Festival. Come to a place where no matter who you are you will fall back in love with life and yourself again! And Connect with the most incredible community of positive, passionate life enthusiasts who are determined to make this their best life ever!

We are getting together a group of hand picked amazing people who want to have the most incredible experience of their life and rediscover their complete uninhibited self expression, sense of adventure as you return to full confidence, find yourself again, and return home with clarity energy and focus and love for your life again. As well as meeting up at the Burning Man festival you will be attending an intensive a 3 day life transformation immersion experience in the USA to upgrade your mindset, your health, your confidence and your passion for life.


Once in a Lifetime Festival Experience

The most unique, once in a lifetime festival experience which is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable EVER. Memorable and transformational - not for the faint-hearted, but definitely one to get your heart going!

All Flights and International Transfers

During these transformational experiences you will reclaim the highest levels of vitality, health, clarity and passion for getting the most out of life

Road Trip in Style - Black Rock City - Lake Tahoe

You be 'ride sharing' and road tripping in style in an RV with all the creature comforts.  Burning Man in Black Rock City, then on to Lake Tahoe to re-charge and reflect.

Be Festival-Ready with Advice from a Pro

You will need a random collection of gear and knowledge to make the most of your Burning Man experience. Chat with us to make sure to make sure you have the gear and know-how to master the festival

Tickets, Costumes, Food, Accommodation...

Details... we will give you advice so you can sail through these aspects hassle free and just leave you to revel in the wonder and excitement. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience of a lifetime! Or step up, amp up, and go to a place you have only ever seen in your wildest imaginings!

Rejuvenate, Reflect and Unwind - Lake Tahoe

Then continue the transformational journey with a 3 day Recovery Experience afterwards to rejuvenate, reflect, and unwind at Lake Tahoe. Truly transform yourself.

  • - Return economy flights from anywhere in the world
  • - All American transfers
  • - 11 nights accommodation
  • - Ride sharing in a luxurious A-Class RV
  • - All transport and transfers within America
  • - The chance to connect and share the experience with like minded people 
  • - Advice on all the 'Experience' essentials - contact us for more details...
  • - 3 night Post-Burning Man Rejuvenation Experience in Lake Tahoe